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Secways is a fund, investing globally in pre-seed and seed opportunities. We bring our experience, and network to help founders build world class businesses


Who we are

Our portfolio includes a wide range of companies in different industries and stages, but all share the same principles:eagerness, ambition, passion for what they do, a strong team and disruptive business models ready to conquer the market.

Secways is a small fund created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We’ve been through all the stages you are going to surf and we can help you strategically and financially.

More importantly, the team has experience bootstrapping. We know the challenges of building without funding. We are here to give you a helping hand.



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Why trust in Secways

At Secways we are entrepreneurs who want to give back to the community. We have lived failure, we learned, and we want to help you avoid the same mistakes. We’ll help you in the early stages when things are tough. But we are tougher.

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How the investment process works

Respond in

72 hours

Make an offer in

14 days

Close the Deal in

60 days

We have designed a very simple investment decision making process for us to be quick and not wasting your time. We know that fundraising is something all founders do and they spend many hours and resources.

  1. Study your Deck. Once we will receive your Deck, we will study and get back to you in a maximum period of 7 days.
  2. Give our feedback. Maybe with a lot of questions. Maybe with a passing decision. But no matter what, we’ll let you know our feedback.
  3. If we feel the project may be suitable for us and we can help, we’ll schedule a meeting, for us to know more about you and the project, and for you to understand what we do.
  4. After that call, in another 7 days, we’ll evaluate the project and decide if we go forward with the investment or not.


We INVEST AT internet businesses that have:

High margins

Healthy and sustainable

A unique advantage

Like a brand, community or niche

A simple business model

You can explain it to your parents

Healthy Profit

From $50K to $30MM

Successful operations

Of three years or longer

A high-quality team

A great team with a positive culture

A positive and ethical approach

No sketchy stuf


The businesses we INvEST:

Growing and profitable

We are a data driven fund, passionate about people, new ideas, and very open-minded. We look for both national and international opportunities, where we can find differential products and savvy entrepreneurs.

Venture that can't 10x

Although we seek companies that start to have signs of revenue growth, we don’t have a minimum level of income to analyze your project. We love to see that your product makes sense, has future potential, and, above all, that your customers love what you’re building.


We love products and solutions that are ready to use, intuitive and user friendly. Road is tough and long but do not worry about that. Big companies spend years to grow and mature, to consolidate a market and help real people, consumers and businesses.


Our Team

No bullshit people. We walk the talk. We have all started businesses and succeeded and failed in different degrees. We have been where you are.

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Andrew Swiler

Investment Director

Àngels Molist


Basilis Kanonidis

Scouting & Consulting


Contact Us

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are pretty nimble in our evaluation process. We review new opportunities on a weekly basis and typically have a decision within a couple of weeks.

Do you know someone we should talk to?

Scout a deal for us and we’ll make it worth your while!

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